Dodo Barrier MLV Large Sheet



Dodo Barrier MLV is a 5kg/sq.m high quality mass loaded vinyl with a super flexible composition perfect for automotive use. 
Dodo Barrier MLV is an acoustic barrier mat designed to block unwanted noise and is perfect for use either on its own or with a foam decoupling layer to block and absorb the passage of unwanted sound waves. 
Unlike many domestic barrier mats, Dodo MLV is extremely flexible for automotive use and can be shaped to follow the contours of a vehicle transmission tunnel, footwell or door card etc.
Partner with a closed cell foam like Dodo Liner CCF to block and absorb unwanted sound such as road, engine and exhaust noise.
  • Sold as 2.5 Sq.m Sheet/Roll
  • Acoustic barrier mat
  • Extra flexible for automotive use & easy installation
  • Sheet/Roll size: 1.25m x 2.05m
  • Total coverage per roll = 2.56 sq.m / 27.5 sq.ft
  • Thickness =  2mm
  • Density = 5kg/sq.m
  • Total Roll weight = 12.5kg
  • Temperature Threshold = 90°C continuous / 120°C short
  • High density but flexible
  • Significant reduction in sound transmission
N.B Installation generally requires velcro, adhesive or taped edges.
Typical uses of this product:
  • Fitting to a vehicle floor to prevent road noise entering the cabin (usually over sound deadening mat)
  • Lining panels at home to prevent noise transfer

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