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Dodo Flex Plate is a flexible strong self adhesive aluminium sheet for covering holes and openings in body panels before trimming, or installing car audio.

When changing speakers in your car doors they benefit from having the best enclosure possible. Vehicle manufacturers often leave large holes in doors which Dodo Flex Plate can easily cover. With a simple peel and stick install you can easily and cheaply, dramatically improve your sound. Additional sound deadening can be applied over the top if required.

This product is also very useful for covering smaller apertures in the rear interior framework when trimming or carpeting a van. The 200 micron aluminium will not sag over time like lighter foil or cloth tape solutions.

  •     Sold as pack of 2 self adhesive sheets
  •     Each sheet size = 500 x 700mm
  •     Thickness = 200 microns (0.2 mm)
  •     Very good corrosion resistance
  •     Vapour barrier
  •     Lightweight & Flexible
  •     Excellent resistance to ozone, oils etc
  •     Can be used in conjunction with DEADN sound deadening

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