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This unique product offers higher performance than any single application mat! Use Silent Coat Plus for vibration control PLUS thermal insulation.

3 Major Benefits:

1) Kill vibration
2) Absorb noise
3) Insulate

Silent Coat Plus has a unique 2 layer construction with vibrodamping and insulation combined. This product is perfect for noise and temperature control on floor, boot and roof areas of the vehicle. Ideal for roof panels, transmission tunnels and bulkheads to reduce noise and stabilise temperature within the vehicle. Simply peel & stick onto the metalwork in one easy application.

Layer 1 Sound Deadening Layer
2mm aluminium and butyl rubber Vibrodamping layer to destroy unwanted vibrations & structural noise.

Layer 2 Insulation Layer
Integral 3mm Isolator. The special formula closed cell foam layer provides additional absorption for sound waves, whilst providing a superb thermal insulating layer to block heat transfer. The smooth black finish of Isolator foam also enhances the products fitted appearance.

  • Vibrodamping, Sound Proofing & Insulation combined.
  • 5mm Thick Mat with Strong Adhesive
  • 2mm Deadening layer with aluminium & butyl compound construction
  • 3mm Isolator layer closed cell nitrile elastomer insulation
  • Black logo free top finish
  • Soft & Flexible does not require heating
  • Stop Rattles, Vibration, Heat & Noise
  • Lower Road, Exhaust, Engine & Transmission Noise
  • Heat Resistant from -50°C to +150°C
  • Fully Water & Oil Resistant
  • Very Flexible For Easy Installation
  • Odorless compared to bitumen and inferior mats
  • Peel & Stick Application
  • Sheet size 750 x 500 mm
  • 11 Sheets Supplied
  • Weight 3kg/sq.m
Bulk Pack: 11 sheets, 44 sq.ft, (4.1 sq.m)

    Typical uses of this product:
    • Boot, Floor and Roof panels to reduce vibration noise and heat transmission to vehicle interior.

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