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Dodo Mat Fleece EVO

Dodo Mat Fleece EVO

Manufactured in the UK specifically for Dodo Mat to their stringent specifications and quaity control standards, Dodo's latest Fleece EVO has a number of unique changes to set it apart from inferior replicas and alternatives.

They have improved the composition to help keep the products shape and form when installing into tight spaces. You still have the same great thermal performance, but with less mess and shedding!

One face of the product has now been lightly heat treated to give a slightly smoother flat finish, perfect for improved spray adhesive and panel contact when installing.The combination of these tweaks also allows much easier straight line hand tearing and cutting.

Dodo Mat Fleece EVO is manufactured in the UK and tested to conform to ISO 3795:1989 vehicle fire safety and BS1425:Part1:1991, cleanliness of fillings & stuffings.

Only genuine Dodo Mat is supplied in factory printed cartons with internal wrapping , beware of imitations and inferior alternatives offered online.

Dodo Mat dont make Fleece EVO product for anyone else!