How much do i need?

The most common question we get is "how much product do i need" to complete a sound proofing project.

While there is not really a "correct" answer for this, as vehicles and solutions vary depending on the requirements of the end user, we can certainly provide approximations to help.

Sound Proofing Estimate

Listed below are common quantities required to comprehensively sound proof and treat the critical areas of a vehicle. We have used our best selling products in these examples from Silent Coat and Dodo Mat:


 Vehicle Stage 1 Sound Deadening Stage 2 Barrier/Insulation
Small Hatchback 1 x Silent Coat 2mm Bulk (4 sq.m) 4 x Dodo Pro Barrier or Silent Coat Isolator 10 (Floor)
Saloon / Hatchback 1-2 x Silent Coat 2mm Bulk  (4-8 sq.m) 6 x Dodo Pro Barrier or Silent Coat Isolator 10 (Floor)
Landrover 90 / Small 4x4 2 x Silent Coat 2mm Bulk  (8 sq.m) 6 x Dodo Pro Barrier (Floor) + 4 x Silent Coat Isolator 6 (Roof)
Landrover 110 / Large 4x4 2-3 x Silent Coat 2mm Bulk  (8-12 sq.m) 8 x Dodo Pro Barrier (Floor) + 5 x Silent Coat Isolator 6 (Roof)
Small Van 1 x Silent Coat 2mm Bulk  (4 sq.m) 2 x Dodo Thermo Van Liner 3M (Sides / Roof) + 6 x Dodo Pro Barrier (Floor) 
VW T5 / Medium Van / Camper 2-3 x Silent Coat 2mm Bulk  (8-12 sq.m) 1 x Dodo Thermo Van Liner 10M (Sides / Roof) + 1 x Dodo Pro Van Floor SWB (Floor)
Large LWB Van 3-4 x Silent Coat 2mm Bulk  (12-16 sq.m) 2 x Dodo Thermo Van Liner 10M (Sides / Roof) + 1 x Dodo Pro Van Floor LWB (Floor)


These examples assume you want to treat the entire vehicle, if you wish to target an issue in just one half of the vehicle you may be able to use 50% and change the Silent Coat Bulk pack to a 2mm Volume Pack etc.

Van flooring can vary with a number of options available depending on budget (Dodo Super Liner, Tecsound, Dodo Pro Van Floor)

If you have a high top LWB or XLWB van or camper these can require extra product to accommodate the increased height and length over standard.

Some of the more common combinations are available to purchase in our product Bundles section.

If you require further assistance for your project please use our contact page and we will be happy to help.

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