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Two Stage Process

Our recommended 2 stage treatment for optimum noise reduction in Motor Vehicles

Stage 1) Treat the body panels with sound deadening mat product to reduce panel resonance and body boom.

Sound Deadening

Use on all metal panels up to 50% coverage for most cost effective results.

Recommended products;

Silent Coat 2mm Damping Mat


Dodo Dead Mat Pro


Stage 2) Add a barrier layer over the top of the deadening. This secondary treatment targets exterior airborne noise that is not directly generated by the body panels. It is a Barrier treatment to block unwanted noise intrusion into the cabin from outside. 100% coverage is recommended for the affected areas.

Sound Barrier

Treat the boot and cabin floor to help block road ,exhaust noise and tyre roar.

Recommended products;

Dodo Barrier Pro  (for flexibility and high noise blocking properties, 8mm)


Dodo Sound Stopper Pro  (Thicker and less flexible than Barrier Pro but posessing maximum noise blocking properies in a single sheet, 15mm)


alternatively if barrier cost is prohibitive, use a good closed cell foam liner for Stage 2:

Silent Coat Isolator ( Extremely flexible noise blocking liner for highly contoured panels. Also an excellent Thermal insulator perfect for roof and general use on van conversions for thermal and acoustic insulation. Available in 6mm /10mm)


Dodo Mat Super Liner (Affordable bulk roll of thermo acoustic foam available in 6mm or 12mm thickness)


Please contact our support team if you have any questions or need specific guidance