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Project Land Rover

Land Rovers are notoriously noisy and require quality sound proofing to improve the quality of the drive.

Silent Coat 2mm Sound Deadening mat applied to all key areas of the vehicle (floor, doors, roof) will prevent panel resonance and add a barrier layer to help block and insulate the vehicle.

This Land Rover had an initial layer applied to the floorpan and wheelarches and rear panels.

Silent Coat Land Rover Floor


The peel & stick adhesive and convenient sheet size allows for easy application


The Wheel arches and bench seat after Silent Coat sound deadening fitted.

Silent Coat Landrover Bench Seat


The doors are treated on the outer skin.


Front Land Rover cabin benefits from Silent Coat applied to transmisison tunnel.


A layer of Silent Coat Isolator 6 is applied to the roof over the deadening to insulate.


Extensive use of Silent Coat Deadening mat is extremely efficient at reducing road noise and sound proofing the Land Rover 90 or Land Rover 110. Using secondary layers of Silent Coat Isolator and Dodo Mat Pro Barrier will further enhance the insulation and reduction of noise in the vehicle.


Pictures courtesy of Landrovers UK