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Project Volkswagen T5

The Volkswagen T5 Van is one of the most popular vans in the UK however the load area can be improved dramatically with the application of sound deadening and insulation. Workhorse or weekend getaway vehicle, we can upgrade your VW T5 van in a few simple steps.

In this example we have a Volkwagen T5 SWB van that has recently had it's plyboard panelling removed for upgrade and retrim. This van includes a metal bulkhead that is particularly noisy and has significant "panel boom" making long journeys tiring.

The first step is to ensure that all panels are grease free and clean ready for sound deadening.

Silent Coat 2mm sound deadening mat is applied to all single skin steel areas, such as the side panels, roof, wheel arches and doors. This is a simple peel & stick application. The SWB T5 will take approximately one Bulk 40 sheet (3.75sq.m) pack of sound deadening for these areas.

A roller can be used to ensure optimum adhesion and to remove any air bubbles.

The highly resonant bulkhead partition was treated with 4mm Silent Coat Extra, the ultimate vibrodamping mat for difficult areas. 100% coverage is not required to kill all resonance.

Next we apply a barrier mat to the floor of the VW T5 to block road noise. We use 7-8 sheets of Dodo Barrier Pro which is a composite mat with a dense foam layer, topped with mass loaded vinyl. 

Dodo Barrier Pro can be trimmed easily with a sharp knife and must cover the panel 100% to act as an effective noise barrier.

To complete the installation prior to refitting the Ply board, we added a layer of Dodo Thermo Van Liner to the sides and roof. This product will help regulate the temperatures inside the Volkswagen, cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The dense closed cell foam layer will also work in harmony with the Silent Coat sound deadening layer to improve sound proofing even further.

The Volkswagen T5 SWB will use approximately 6-9m of Dodo Thermo Van Liner if treating the sides and roof as shown. However for a more comprehensive treatment (covering side struts and doors) we recommend the larger 10m roll.

The final van is now dramatically quieter with "car like" ride quality and interior comfort has been upgraded significantly. Once re-trimmed this foundation work has improved this already fantastic transporter.

Products Used:

  • Silent Coat 2mm Bulk Pack
  • Silent Coat Extra 4mm Volume Pack
  • Dodo Barrier Pro (7-8 sheets)
  • Dodo Thermo Van Liner (6m / 2 Rolls) or single 10m Roll