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Dodo Bonnet Liner


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Dodo Mat Bonnet Liner is recommended for classic cars and high performance vehicles. Diesel, turbocharged or supercharged engines can often be heard through the bonnet and therefore will benefit greatly from the application of this thermal acoustic self adhesive liner.
Dodo Mat Bonnet Liner has a high quality thermo acoustic closed cell foam partnered with a reinforced aluminium heat shield layer. The 10mm thick liner is self adhesive for simple "peel & stick" application. Ideal for vehicle bonnet / firewall / engine compartment.

  • Reduces engine noise & heat through bonnet
  • Conforms easily to particular bonnet applications
  • Self Adhesive for easy installation
  • Withstands temperatures of excess of 100°C (110°C max)
  • Helps protect bonnet paint from harsh engine temperatures
  • Designed to compliment other sound deadening installations
  • Noise reduction & thermal insulation properties
  • Durable reinforced top layer material for tough environments
  • Ideal for vehicle bonnet / firewall / engine compartment
  • Fire Retardant ISO3795:1989
  • Bonnet Liner Kit – 10mm Reinforced Aluminium and closed cell foam sheet
  • Large sheet size fits most vehicles
  • 1.5 sq.m (1 sheet - 100cm x 150cm)