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Dodo Mat SQ Deadening

£31.99 £39.99

The Dodo Mat SQ range of products are designed to be the very best soundproofing materials for your vehicle.  Engineered to enhance the sound quality of your car stereo system and reduce unwanted road noise in a lightweight solution.

SQ Deadening is composed of two layers for easy application and optimal performance, with acoustic foam & sound deadening. The special formulation thermo-acoustic foam is ideal to reduce noise and insulate the panel, while the 1.5mm butyl rubber deadening layer helps reduce vibrations and act as a barrier to airborne noise.

The combination of materials have been designed with a focus on cabin and audio sound quality. Dodo Mat have used high grade components throughout the construction to ensure ultimate performance and maximum efficiency.

Dodo Mat have maintained a clean black finish for this product, with no logos, advertising or patterns. This product is designed to look like a factory option when fitted.

This SQ sound deadening roll covers 1.sq.m which is enough to treat two doors in a typical car. Supplied as single rolled sheet, this makes it extremely easy to cut, apply and fit for any application.

  • Makes metal panels as dead as a Dodo!
  • Sound Deadening & Insulation combined
  • 4.5mm Thick with Strong Adhesive
  • Aluminium & Pure Butyl Construction 1.5mm deadening
  • Thermo acoustic 3mm foam insulation
  • Soft & Flexible does not require heating
  • Stop Rattles, Vibration, Heat & Noise
  • Upgrade car audio systems and cabin environment
  • Heat Resistant from -50°C to +150°C
  • Fully Water & Oil Resistant
  • Very Flexible For Easy Installation
  • Flammability tested for vehicle interiors ISO 3795:1989
  • Peel & Stick Application
  • Supplied as 50cm x 200cm Roll
  • Coverage 1 sq.m (10.8 sq.ft)

Typical uses of this product:

  • Use on the vehicle doors, roof & side panels
  • Car audio installations around speakers
  • Electric Vehicles where a lightweight solution required
  • Classic car / 4x4 panels where plain black finish preferred