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Hatchback Car Boot Sound Proofing Bundle


This convenient car sound proofing bundle is the best modification you will ever make to a hatchback vehicle!

Have you ever wished your small hatchback vehicle was a little quieter especially on fast roads and motorways? Have you ever wished your small car was as quiet as a large saloon vehicle?

Now you can make a significant difference to your hatchback noise and comfort levels. All modern cars have factory a little sound proofing / deadening fitted at the front of the car BUT the manufacturers SCRIMP on the boot and rear areas by fitting thin carpet directly over the bare metal floor and spare wheel. Most of the road noise in the vehicle cabin is transmitted from this untreated area!

Simply use our modern high grade hatchback kit to solve the problem. The results of adding this kit will transform the noise levels in your car.

Everything you need to sound proof the boot of your hatchback!

The Treatment in 2 simple stages
1) Apply the Silent Coat 2mm mat to all bare metal sufaces covering up to 50% of the area to reduce body boom and resonance.
2) Cover the treated panels 100% of the area with Silent Coat Isolator to absorb tyre, road and exhaust noise to complete the job

Silent Coat Vibrodamping Mat:
  • Self adhesive 2mm butyl based visco elastic polymer active layer
  • Aluminium constraining layer for maximum noise reduction improves performance
  • Highly efficient vibration damper
  • Superior performance to comparable products
  • Contains 30% more active material than most equivalent products
  • Highly efficient performance requires less product 
  • More economical in use compared to competitors
  • Soft and easy to use
  • No nasty smell unlike inferior bitumen products
  • High grade adhesive stays stuck even in extreme temperatures
  • Non flammable 
  • Professional butyl based construction
  • Unbeatable cost to performance ratio 
  • Sheet size 375 x 250 mm
  • 20 Sheets Supplied
  • Volume Pack Coverage 1.87 sq.m (20 sq.ft)

Silent Coat Isolator 10 Closed Cell Foam Noise Barrier:

Silent Coat Isolator 10 is a special formulation closed cell foam, ideal to lower high frequency noise, insulate the vehicle and to isolate barriers and trim panels. Silent Coat Isolator closed cell foam will prevent vibrations from the panel exciting the trim panels mounted to them, it will also provide a more difficult path for the sound to travel through. This self adhesive high quality isolating layer can maintain shape under pressure yet be flexible enough to trim easily in many areas of the vehicle. Isolator 10 will also act as an insulating layer to help stabilise vehicle cabin temperatures through the year.

  • Sheet size = 980 x 600mm (0.59sq.m / 6.35 sq. feet)
  • Thickness = 10mm
  • Total weight per sheet = 360g
  • Temperature Range = -200°C > +100°C
  • Fire retardant
  • Flexible closed cell nitrile elastomer
  • Absorbs, Insulates, isolates
  • Self Adhesive
  • 3 Sheets Supplied
  • Total Coverage 1.77 sq.m (19.05 sq.ft)